I am Callan. twenty. perth/australia. I like driving at night time, abandoned buildings, coffee, Twin Peaks, Camus, vegetables and beards. Japanese/Anthropology/Sociology student.


Sébastien TixierAllanngorpoq (2013)

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I got super sweaty and stacked it multiple times in front of hot beardy guys and I don’t even care.

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I’m about to go jump on trampolines for an hour and it never occurred to me that eating a lot of food before bouncing around would be a bad idea. 

Clearly didn’t think that one through. 

h e l p

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Gingham princess

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Gingham princess

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Anonymous: are you feeling better?

I am feeling a million times better. It still sucks what happened but this week has been perfect. The weather is beautiful, my makeup has been spot on and i’ve been doing well with assignments. My friends and so many of my followers have given me so much support and I can’t thank everyone enough. 

Thank you. :)

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